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How To Build HTML Websites & Themes with Novi?

If you are a web designer or a web developer, then you should have no troubles with wring code and creating designs for your projects from scratch or using premade web design staff for the purpose. However, you can make your life so much easier and streamline your workflow greatly if you create HTML themes Novi Visual Builder. The advanced functionality of the drag-and-drop editor lets you create stunning web designs, create more themes, and thus make more money applying fewer efforts.

How To Build HTML Websites And Themes With Novi Builder

In fact, Novi is more than just a regular page builder that you could have got used to. This is an innovative solution that allows you to create impressive HTML web projects as you simply manage multiple pre-designed elements in an intuitive visual interface. No matter how experienced you are, Novi delivers so many great opportunities to web developers, startups, sole entrepreneurs, and independent businesses. What rewards can you attain from using the visual page builder? How can it benefit your career and provide you with new opportunities? Let’s discover.

All You Need to Know about Novi Membership

Choosing Novi Visual builder, you automatically become a member of a huge community of designers and developers working with HTML-based projects. If absolutely doesn’t matter if you are a skilled web developer or a newbie taking your first steps in the web development, Novi boasts a range of solutions that will meet your needs. Gone are those days when you needed to invest a fortune to pay for the services of web designers and programmers. With Novi, you can run all of these tasks on your own, thus saving both time and money.

As soon as you join the Novi community, you are provided with limitless access to Novi Visual Builder, as well as a growing number of themes and extensions that you can use for your websites.
Novi Membership delivers hundreds to thousands of stunning HTML themes matching a bunch of purposes and topics. Additionally, you are provided with access to a set of Novi plugins that you can add to your site. This includes Swiper Slider, Social Plugin, Owl Carousel, MailChimp, Google Map, Campaign Monitor, and plenty of others.

Major benefits

In order to make a clear statement of the major reasons to join the Novi community, let’s enumerate the major benefits that you can drive from using it:

  1. With Novi, you are provided with the possibility to use as many pre-designed HTML themes on as many projects as you wish, without any restrictions.
  2. All themes come loaded with a functional drag-and-drop page editor. So, you may feel certain that no matter what theme you choose, you will be able to modify it absolutely code-free.
  3. All themes and features are updated regularly, which ensures that your websites will be always enhanced with the most contemporary and safest web solutions.
  4. The number of premade Novi themes expands with new niche-specific designs every month for free.
  5. Whenever you need assistance on how to use a chosen theme or add any sort of extra functionality to it, you can rely on the professional 24/7 support and useful online documentation.

Novi Visual Builder was made really simple and intuitive so that even a kid will be able to manage its interface without any learning curve. Here is how it looks and works.

And what the price?

Just like any other membership or subscription services that you can find on the web, Novi lets you select from three Novi membership pricing plans for different members of the community. The solutions that you will be able to access vary depending on the pricing plan that you choose.

For example, the owners of Startup and Advanced pricing plans are provided with:

  • Novi visual HTML editor
  • Novi plugins
  • Unlimited projects
  • Free updates
  • Developer support
  • 30-day money-back guarantee

However, is you select a Startup membership, you will be provided with 1 multi-purpose HTML template. Choosing Advanced plan, you will get access to 20+ HTML templates.

If you are a freelance web developer or a web design agency launching dozens to hundreds of sites annually, then you’d better choose the Developer plan that includes lifetime:

  • access to Novi visual HTML editor
  • access to Novi plugins
  • unlimited projects
  • ree updates
  • developer support
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • access to all Novi templates

Moreover, the Developer plan lets you sell your templates empowered by Novi (the solution that Startup and Advanced plans lack).

Whatever I write here, it’s always better to try how the Builder works and feels on your own. Novi developers give you a chance to try working with the interface on your own, see all specs and try all features for free.

Try Novi for FREE

Case Study: How to Make Money with Novi Builder?

As it’s been already stated, you can use Novi Visual Builder to create HTML websites as well as to build and sell well themes. The number of freelancers and digital agencies working with the page builder expands with more talented and passionate teams. ZEMEZ is one of the most successful examples of how to use the Builder for maximum profit. This is one of the most successful vendors on TemplateMonster and other popular marketplaces selling digital products.

ZEMEZ team sells Novi-based HTML themes that apt for a range of purposes and niche-specific projects. Their inventory includes hundreds of ready-made HTML themes, which are joined with new stunning products on a regular basis. Downloading any of their web themes, customers can apply additional modifications to the themes’ layouts with Novi Visual Editor.

How To Build HTML Websites And Themes With Novi Builder

Where to Sell HTML Themes

There are plenty of opportunities to drive revenue from selling Novi-based web themes. Digital marketplaces like TemplateMonster, ThemeForest, and Creative Market accept such types of digital products and allow you to sell ready-made HTML themes for a commission.

The terms and conditions of selling your themes differ depending on the platform where you decide to sell your products. Let’s compare.



Creative Market

Product review time1-5 days25-40 days0
Limit on number product uploadsNowebsite templates – 1 product at a timeNo
Can you get banned?You need to try hardHell yeah! 
Lot’s of Video Hive sellers were banned recently.
Only if you violate copyright policy.
Seller’s cut40-70%45%+70%
When should expect first sales?1-2 weeks1 – 3 months1 week, or 3 months, depends on your luck.

Final Words

Novi Visual Builder delivers unlimited opportunities to you as a web developer, startup or business owner or just a web design enthusiasts. Getting the Novi membership you are provided with limitless web development opportunities, as well as a chance to sell your own Novi-based web themes. Just try it once and you will hardly ever shift for a different site development experience.

Have you ever tried working with Visual Builders like Novi? What did you like or dislike about your experience? Let us know in comments.

Written by Lana Miro

Lana Miro falls in love with beautiful web design. She likes to share her experience and explore something interesting.
She also cooperates with TemplateMonster for helping everyone to find their best solutions for their own online projects.

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