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Unicons Opensource Icon Library

Unicons Opensource icon library is a free library of 1000+ vector icons across 20+ categories. These icons can also be used as a web font. You can customize size, color and tone of each icon. Icon categories inlcudes User Interface, Communication, Business, Medical, etc. All the icons are carefully crafted in 24px grid to have consistency on all kind of display. With Pixel-Perfect detailing for each icon, it is easy to scale the icon for all screen sizes without compromising for sharpness.

Using Uicons Opensource Icon Library as a web font:

It’s easy to use Unicons on your website by just inserting following CSS. You can also download the repo and use the CSS from css folder.

<link rel="stylesheet" href="">

Then you can use the icons in your body as below.

<i class='uil uil-comments'></i>

Download Here

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