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Build Chrome-like Tabs with Bootstrap and AngularJS

If you develop web applications you’ve probably used tabs at some point in your app to improve the layout and make it more organized and user friendly. Luckily today there are several libraries like Bootstrap and jQuery UI that do the job perfectly, so we don’t need to code the tabs from scratch.

For this tutorial you’ll learn to make the tabs not just to look like the one in Chrome browser but also maintain some of the functionality like dynamically shrinking and growing depending on the number of opened tabs. You’ll use Bootstrap with AngularJS because they play well together, are very simple to use and are perfect fit for this tutorial.

The final product will have this properties:

  • Opening and closing of tabs
  • Dynamic tabs width depending of the number of opened tabs
  • Moving highlight for the inactive tabs when the mouse pointer is over them
  • Chrome look & feel

What these tabs won’t support is reordering and complex animations when opening and closing the tabs.

Check out this Pen!

View Tutorial

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