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Add WhatsApp Chat To Your Website

March 24, 2021 Comments (0) Views: 1406 Coding, Tutorials

Learn How to Add WhatsApp Chat To Your Website Without Coding

Here’s another video tutorial, you’ll learn how to add WhatsApp chat to your website without coding. If you want to give your audience the chance to reach you out on WhatsApp right from the website. And also enhance the quality of customer service, increase the number of leads, improve sales. You’ll learn how to add it to HTML, WordPress, and Shopify in only 2 minutes.

Benefits of adding WhatsApp chat to your website:

  • Editable bubble text.
  • Editable chat name.
  • Flexible Chat header with the caption, and page picture name.
  • Selection of Five Reply time variants in the chat window.
  • A wide collection of bubble icons for you to select from.

Start Here

Adding it to HTML:


Start Here

Adding it to WordPress:


Start Here

Adding it to Shopify:


Start Here

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