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Marvel – Free Mobile and Web Prototyping for Designers

Marvel is an online tool & editor that lets you create interactive prototypes from PSDs and images in your Dropbox. No coding required. Want to build prototypes for mobile, web or even gaming devices? This super-simple editor lets you link up your sketches, wireframes and designs to create realistic prototypes in seconds.

Marvel is run completely off Dropbox, meaning that whenever you make a change to your design files, your prototype updates automatically. You can even sync home screen app icons from PSDs in Dropbox.

Easy to use but with powerful features:

  • Real-Time Syncing - Add your design files from Dropbox and Marvel will automatically sync changes to your prototype.
  • Prototype For Any Device - iPhone, Android, Tablets or even gaming devices. If it has a browser, then it’s support it!
  • PSD support - No need to convert your Photoshop files to images when you use Marvel. It does that to you.
  • Don’t send mockups. Send prototypes - share your prototype. Just send your unique prototype URL.
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