FROONT: Design Responsive Websites in The Browser

FROONT allows you design websites directly in the browser with a simple drag and drop interface. FROONT lets you design for all of screens simultaneously – even the ones that don’t exist yet.

FROONT runs in your browser – currently supports only Chrome – and allows you to see what you’re designing in the same way users will. Present comps online on all devices. Instead of giving static images to your developer, provide them with fully functional HTML and CSS code.

Easily share designs by sending the URL with team members and clients online, in browser – the way they’re supposed to be seen.

FROONT is a wonderful tool that can be used for wireframing and prototyping, we tried using FROONT and it packs a lot of features, but it just doesn’t gives you enough control to produce perfect templates or layouts. For example there’s an HTML widget which allows you to insert ready or custom HTML code, but in no way it allows you to insert ready or custom CSS styling. You can also set an elements’ background color but in no way you can set its’ background image which is one of the basic features of CSS.

With that being said, we do not underestimate the potential of FROONT but with more features being added – as it’s in beta version now – we expect it to be an advanced and very reliable tool for web designers, UX designers and front-end developers.

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FROONT Beta Demo


Intro to FROONT

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