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Matrix Wave Loading Animation

Matrix Wave Loading Animation

February 10, 2020 • Here’s another pure CSS loader/spinner. Matrix wave loading animation coded using only...

Free Bootstrap UI Kit

February 4, 2020 • Avant Free Bootstrap UI Kit

CSS 3D Boxes Loader

Pure CSS 3D Boxes Loader

January 12, 2020 • Today we bring you another unique snippet. This is a demo for a pure CSS 3D boxes loader that...

Kylo Ren Pure CSS Page Preloader

November 26, 2017 • A Star Wars Kylo Ren page preloader made with HTML and CSS only. Using no images at all this...

Pure CSS Loader

April 26, 2016 • This is a nice demo of a pure CSS loader or can be used an a circular progress bar done with...

Pure CSS Loading Bar Button

April 6, 2016 • A download button that transitions to a loading progress bar on click, all done in pure CSS. A...

Pure CSS Light Progress Bar

December 19, 2015 • In this demo you’ll find a very well executed colorful light progress bar or it can be...

Pure CSS Ghostly Sphere Loader

September 2, 2015 • Here’s a translucent sphere colorful loader or spinner. All this magic is done in pure...

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