3D Cryptocurrency Icon Pack

Here’s another free 3D cryptocurrency icon pack. Cryptocurrency has nowadays been in news a lot. We have seen them rising up in front of our eyes. From having zero as the value to going up to one thousand per coin. It is so fascinating to see how a new mode of currencies or payments is being discovered. As the pandemic hit us it taught us that the world is progressing so fast and technology being a big part of it. It is high time that all of us start accepting these modes of payments as well.

These 3D cryptocurrency icon pack creations are of ultra high resolution giving you great clarity along with hints of the characteristic of reconfiguration. These are just sideshow the real deal is the BLEND and PNG file sources it comes in. All you have to do is download the source file and there is nothing you can do with the design. If it is editing or changing angles to making it in your brand colors.

Although these icons come with .BLEND source file, we have made sure that you should be able to download the PNG file directly in different angles.

This 3D cryptocurrency icon pack is pretty easy to use. These are especially in authentic realistic style with popping colors making it look so nice that I am sure you would be fascinated instantly. The good news is this all can be edited yeah all of this. All the elements are vector so they will be easily edited as per your need. These are in file formats like PNG and BLEND. These cool cryptocurrency icons are very unique in nature with high resolution and are easily reconfigurable.

Download Here

Written by Amrita Sahoo

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