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How to Run Business Website for Free: New Selection of 10 Crisp Free WordPress Themes

Without a doubt, today everything reminds us that 2018 is almost here. The trees lost their leaves and the first snowflakes are kissing the ground. All these beautiful landscapes look so calm… People try to drink as much coffee as they can not to fall asleep. Seeing that, we decided to cheer you up this gray and cold winter. In the end, December is a perfect time to sum everything up. That is why we have prepared for you this small selection of 10 crisp free WordPress themes.

These remarkable products will help one to set up a professional website to showcase their business all over the globe. The appearance of your deal is the most important aspect because the popularity of the company depends on it. ‘The great accomplishments of man have resulted from the transmission of ideas of enthusiasm.’ – said Thomas J. Watson. Thus, we hope that these simple but powerful words will inspire you to do the thing you have dreamt about the whole year!


What Are the Features of These Magnificent Free WordPress Themes?

Needless to say, the products from the list below provide you with multiple stylish and simply useful options. To make a long story short, here are some of the features you will find in the packs of these supreme free WordPress themes.

  • Search Engines Optimization will help your website to get higher results from Google and other popular search systems;
  • Crossbrowser Compatibility will make your online project work awesome no matter which browser a visitor is using;
  • Elementor, Drag-and-Drop Page Builder, and Layout Options will help you to create a website without coding knowledge;
  • Content Modules and Custom Widgets will enrich your business website and allow you to add multiple types of content;
  • Such basic features as Gallery, Blog, and Portfolio will help you to introduce the services you provide in all their beauty;
  • Highly responsive design of these free WordPress themes makes them look adorable on any device with any screen size;
  • Newsletter subscription offers your site’s guests to get all the updates via their emails.

To sum everything up, these handy free WordPress themes are pre-packed and easy-to-manage. All the options and design elements are flexible. Therefore, you are able to change the look of your modern website effortlessly and just in a few clicks! Furthermore, working with these easy-to-use free WordPress themes you will also drill your own skills. Given these points, don’t hesitate to take a closer look at this new selection of top 10 free WordPress themes!

Bitcoin – Supreme and Feature-rich Free WordPress Theme

At the outset, Bitcoin provides its owner with a handy pre-built Live Customizer, which allows one to enrich their online project with a huge variety of modern theme options. To make a long story short, thanks to the feature customizing the design of your site will be as easy as ABC.

Bitcoin Free WordPress Theme

Details |  Demo | Premium 

Monstroid 2 Lite – Eye-pleasing, Popular, and All-in-one Free WordPress Theme

To start with, Monstroid 2 Lite is a popular and eye-pleasing free WordPress theme, which has GPL v.3 license and comes with a clean, valid, and well-commented code that will quickly improve your SEO. Talking about the design of your future online project, this all-in-one template has a neat dropdown menu that allows you to showcase a lot of things and make a smart organization of every piece of information. In addition, there are some cute icons on the top of home page that allow online audience to find your social media pages using Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and much more.

Monstroid 2 Lite - free WordPress theme WordPress Theme

Details |  Demo | Premium

Iridescent – Soft and Voguish Wedding Album Free WordPress Theme

As you can see, this voguish free WordPress theme has a soft design that will be an ideal choice for your website, related to wedding photography. Still, Iridescent also provides you with a real power and features a marvelous Drag-and-Drop Page Builder that allows you to build the online pages effortlessly, without having the coding skills.

Freelance Designer Personal Portfolio Lite Free WordPress Theme

Details | Demo | Premium

MalcolmY – New-gen and Outstanding Freelance Designer Personal Portfolio Free WordPress Theme

Before all else, this new-gen free WordPress theme provides you with multiple Layout Options that are quite easy-to-manage, so you are able to experiment with the structure of the online pages and save the layouts to a built-in library. As a result, it will save your time and you will be able to use the favorite layouts to create a new page quickly. What is more, there is a fantastic Cherry Sidebars plugin, which means that you can create multiple custom sidebars and add them to the layouts of the pages without trouble.

Freelance Designer Personal Portfolio Lite Free WordPress Theme

Details |  Demo | Premium

Talking Business – High-res and Uncluttered Conference Free WordPress Theme

To begin with, there is Content Modules option, which means that you can add a lot of content types to the website, so there are many images, buttons, pricing tables, sliders, etc. To say more, all the design elements are versatile and come with an extended set of options, so you can style everything according to your personal preferences. What is more, Talking Business follows the best SEO-practice and allows such big search engines as Google, Yahoo, and Bing index your top-grade website easily, so don’t forget to use some tags, keywords, and meta descriptions.

Talking Business - Conference Free WordPress Theme WordPress Theme

Details |  Demo | Premium

FreeBook – Impressing and Immersive Landing Page Free WordPress Theme

As you can see from the details of this impressing landing page template, FreeBook contains a huge pack of the premium Cherry plugins that will help you to improve the functionality of your one-page website. Furthermore, there is a neat Countdown Timer that you can use to set a timer for some services or products you would like to emphasize and show the guests of your pages when the offer ends.

Free E-book Landing Page WordPress Theme

Details |  Demo | Premium

Calio – All-encompassing and Colorful Therapy & Counseling Free WordPress Theme

First of all, with the help of this colorful free WordPress theme, you can easily make your business international that will quickly boot your user and SEO engagements and enlarge the audience. For these simple reasons, Calio is a multilanguage template, so now you have a cool opportunity to showcase your business all over the globe! Additionally, you can introduce your co-workers and tell the customers about their benefits using ‘Meet Our Team’ section.

Therapy & Counselling WordPress Theme

Details |  Demo | Premium

Mia Ittalloni – Bodacious and Yummy European Restaurant Free WordPress Theme

Without a doubt, there are so many people that prefer ordering pizza online, so it is important for your ace online project to be mobile-friendly. That is why Mia Ittalloni literally fits any screen, so your yummy website will work great whether the customers enter it via smartphones, tablet or desktop, so there will be no limits in terms of a device or a location. To say more, Booking plugin is another must-have thing for every online project related to a restaurant, so don’t forget to use to make your business even more pleasant and comfortable for the customers.

European Restaurant Free WP Theme

Details |  Demo | Premium

Catwalk – Elegant and Well-crafted Model Agency Free WordPress Theme

In a word, Catwalk requires no technical know-how and provides its owner with the detailed step-by-step instructions that will help you to do your best and develop your business with the help of this elegant theme. Moreover, this well-crafted free WordPress theme includes many modern widgets (for example, Simple Slider, Post Carousel, Staff Members, and much more) to improve the work of your site. For example, Post Carousel allows you to organize the content professionally, which will definitely attract the attention of your guests.

Model Agency WordPress Theme

Details |  Demo | Premium


Pilates Center – Gorgeous and Consistent Sports Free WordPress Template

To finish with, we propose our readers to take a closer look at Pilates Center because this consistent free WordPress theme was built with power and contains such helpful features as Drag-and-Drop Page Builder, Content Modules, and multiple Layout Options. By tradition, all these handy things will help you to set up and design a breathtaking online project without writing a single line of the code.

Pilates Center - Sports WordPress Template

Details |  Demo | Premium

Needless to say, there is nothing complicated. All in all, these gorgeous free WordPress themes allow you to build a site quickly and without a hitch. What is more, they provide you with a user-oriented design. Basically, now you do not need to waste a mint of money and build your project from a very start. As you can see, these incredible free WordPress themes already have everything you may need to set up a worthy website. To say more, all the elements are quite changeable, which means that you can style the site up to your personal taste.

Once Steve Jobs said: ‘You have to be burning with an idea, or a problem, or a wrong that you want to right. If you’re not passionate enough from the start, you’ll never stick it out.’ Therefore, don’t hesitate to experiment with the appearance of your online project. In the end, outside is such a peaceful atmosphere, so here is a chance to finally showcase your business using these top-notch free WordPress templates!

Written by Lana Miro

Lana Miro falls in love with beautiful web design. She likes to share her experience and explore something interesting.
She also cooperates with TemplateMonster for helping everyone to find their best solutions for their own online projects.

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