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February 5, 2014 Comments (0) Views: 2003 Freebies

Mondrian: Vector Graphics Web App

Mondrian is a smart and easy-to-learn vector graphics web app.


  • Basic editing capabilities
    • Strict drawing with the pen tool
    • Loose drawing with the crayon tool
    • Shape manipulation (scaling & rotation)
    • Individual point manipulation with bezier controls
    • Basic typography
    • Zoom, eyedropper
    • Smooth, efficient tools & operations
  • File import (via FileReader)
    • SVG
  • File export
    • SVG
    • PNG (via canvas API)
  • Clean UI
    • Minimal “flat” aesthetic with little visual distraction
    • A smart UI that shows only utilities that can be used at that moment
  • Layout
    • Basic dot grid with snapping for layout
View Demo Projects’ Page

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