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January 12, 2014 Comments (0) Views: 5017 Freebies

Adobe Illustrator Scripts

A repository of free scripts to perform vector manipulations in Adobe Illustrator.

Scripts available:

  • Adjust Dashes-offset
  • Arc Correction: corrects free-hand drawn arc-like paths in the selection
  • Archimedean Spiral: draws an (approximated) Archimedean spiral
  • Arrow-A, Arrow-V: draws an arrow for each selected end (anchor) of the selected paths
  • Circle: draws a circle with specified number of anchor points
  • Circumcircle: draws circumcircles for each selected path
  • Common Tangents: draws common tangents to the selected curved lines, if they are detected
  • Divide Length: divides each selected segment into specified number based on the length
  • Metaball-Arc, Metaball: creates Metaball-like shapes
  • and many more….

This project is maintained by Hiroyuki and Shanfan

Download Here

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