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Free Purple UI Kit

January 5, 2014 Comments (0) Views: 2556 Freebies

Simplify Free Tumblr Theme

Simplify Tumblr Theme is a free theme designed and developed by Amit Jakhu.

Theme Features:

Sticky Navigation: Navigate from anywhere to anywhere on the blog. The sticky navigation follows you as you scroll the page and allows you to open the menu at anytime or simply click the blog title to return home.

Multiple Ways to Navigate: You can either use the sticky navigation to search or navigate to another section of the blog, or use the navigation at the bottom of every page to move between pages and finally you can use your arrow keys on your keyboard to move between pages and posts.

Night Mode: This feature provides your readers with an optimal reading experience during the night time. By doing so, it decreases the brightness and strain on your eyes by shifting to a darker color scheme. Night mode can be turned off in the settings.

Disqus Comments: Allow your readers to leave comments on a blog post by using the built-in disqus comments feature.

Google Analytics: Track the analytics behind your blog by inserting the ID # provided by Google to turn on Google Analytics.

View Demo Download Here

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