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November 9, 2013 Comments (0) Views: 1647 Tutorials

Tutorial: Create a Realistic 3D Character Without 3D Software

Character design is a craft that has been around for decades, even centuries, though in recent years has exploded into the design and illustration scene. Often in vinyl toys and animated movie or computer games, these characters are taking on a 3D form.

3D software is great for creating dynamic, pose-able character models– but what if you just want to create an awesome character that appears to be 3D without actually moving into the 3D dimension? 2D rendering can side-step long 3D rendering waiting times and skip the need to learn complex software.

Having worked through this tutorial, you will have understood the basic tricks to faking 3D, using traditional effects and techniques such as lighting, depth of field and texture – and learn a thing or two about creating great character designs along the way.

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