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August 28, 2013 Comments (0) Views: 2569 General

Fribly’s 1st Birthday

One year ago at 28th of August 2012 Fribly was born with a vision of sharing and providing its readers a daily dose of inspiration and resources. We tried through out the year to bring you the most beautiful, useful and fresh resources available on the web. With so many designers, developers and companies featured on our magazine the one thing that made us go and keep on going was the support of our readers to view, share and follow our resources and inspiration.

After this 1st wonderful year we thank all our readers and followers here and on our social media websites, you gave us the power and will to continue and bring you the highest quality resources we could ever find. Through our search for resources and inspirations we thought only of our readers and what could benefit them and give them help in their projects or as a source of inspiration.

We are celebrating Fribly’s 1st Birthday with many GIVEAWAYS to our readers, after all what’s best than high quality premium resources to thank our valued readers. We will also be allowing our readers the opportunity to get involved in the process and allow them to submit any resources, inspirations or even their own work that they would like to share with the community. The submission page is now open so go ahead and submit your high quality resources and inspiration or get your work featured on Fribly.

    We also have a couple of new categories that will be now open:

  • Giveaways: here we’ll be adding all the giveaways either hosted by Fribly or giveaways hosted on the web.
  • Premium: this category will host all premium items. Premium themes, templates, icons, UI, PSDs, resources, offers. This category will be open for submissions to all our readers.
    Here’s a few statistics for Fribly in the past year:

  • 2121 Posts, resources, inspiration and freebies shared with our readers in 22 categories.
  • Freebies category had the most posts with 734 posts, followed by Digital Art category with 426 posts.
  • 760 tags were used with the following tags having the biggest share: Free, Resource, PSD, Graphic Design, Web Design, Icon and Paintings & Airbrushing.
  • We had a very wonderful social followers with Fribly on Pinterest as the highest having 1800+ followers and Facebook with 1120+ likes.

We’d like to hear your thoughts and see your contributions so we can grow with you and share what is best and useful for everyone.



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