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June 5, 2013 Comments (1) Views: 4141 Coding, Freebies

MotoPress WordPress Plugin and Free MotoPress Sample Theme

MotoPress is an intuitive plugin that allows you to manage, change and edit your website’s layout only with a few clicks. Use drag and drop editor to create, manage and edit your website’s layout on the fly and get really advanced and unique site’s appearance. Take all advantages of Bootstrap including responsive grid system, LESS CSS, dozens of interface components and useful JavaScript extensions.

MotoPress also offers a free sample theme called PrimePress. The theme includes six page layouts. The number of pages can be easily changed. If you need to create more page templates you can add new ones by yourself without any professional help. These changes won’t take much time as the customization is intuitive and clear to work with and you have a full control over your website.

View PrimePress Demo Download MotoPress Download PrimePress

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One Response to MotoPress WordPress Plugin and Free MotoPress Sample Theme

  1. MotoPress dev team released a free WordPress theme – PrimePress , check out it at the official website

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