R´ha Short Movie

Science fiction movies are among the hardest and most expensive films to make in Hollywood. You need a big budget and a lot of people working on it. But not if you’re Kaleb Lechowski. The 22-year-old German who studies digital film design made his own animated Hollywood-style sci-fi short — and now he’s headed to Hollywood.

Lechowski’s film, titled R’ha, is a fully computer animated six-minute short that you won’t believe was made by just one student. In R’ha, machines rebel against their rulers, an alien species, and force them out of their planet. The short starts with a robot interrogating one of the aliens after the Matrix-style insurrection. Perhaps R’ha’s most original element is that there are no humans in sight. The story seems to be only about this alien race and their former servant robots who have turned on them.

After seeing Lechowski’s creation online, Scott Glassgold, of the managing company IAM Sports & Entertainment, was impressed. “His work is not only professional, it’s extraordinary,”. Thanks to his impressive work, Lechowski is now headed to Hollywood. Glassgold, who acts as Lechowski’s manager, got in touch with him and offered him a chance to pitch his short and his ideas as a full feature to movie producers. The manager thinks the movie has great potential, not only because of its technical excellence. “After speaking with him, the world and universe that he has in mind for R’ha is groundbreaking,” the Glassgold wrote.




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