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November 2, 2012 Comments (0) Views: 2641 Coding

How to Make Custom Designs for your jQuery Slider

Sliders are a common component used in website design and for various purposes. We can create image, content, or video sliders using  jQuery. jQuery is the most popular JavaScript framework used for these sliders. A lot of jQuery sliders can be categorized based on the techniques used for sliding. The following are some common and trending techniques used by developers.

  • Layered Sliders – This is the latest addition to sliders with parallax effect.
  • Fade In/Out Sliders – These types of sliders do not have controls. Content just fades away one by one.
  • Banner Rotators – These sliders rotate in a circular path.

There are many other types of techniques as well. Each type of slider is suited for a different purpose and location on your website. Hence the designer has to carefully choose sliders for different locations.

In this tutorial you will learn how to style the Rhino Slider to get a custom designs.

View Demo View Tutorial

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