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Peugeot Onyx Concept Car

Once again Peugeot creates the dream with its 21st century supercar: Onyx. Inspired by passionate people, the Onyx offers its adorers a vision of tomorrow.

Quasar, Proxima, Oxia, 907 … Peugeot supercars have always thrilled children and adults alike. Once again, this year, the brand creates the dream with its 21st century supercar: Onyx. Shaped using raw materials innovatively, this supercar was designed by enthusiasts who have drawn their inspiration from the world of racing.



Ingenious bodywork

With its state-of-the-art silhouette… it fascinates at first sight.
Its ingenious bodywork captivates with its striking contrast of materials and colours. Its wings and doors were hand-carved by a master craftsman from a pure copper sheet. This mirror-polished metal is totally self-protecting and uses no tricks. Its aspect will change over time and create a patina effect. The Onyx is alive!

“The silhouette of the Onyx has been carefully and sensually sculpted, yet it is also vivacious and cutting-edge”. Sandeep Bhambra, Onyx exterior designer



A high-performance supercar

The frame of the car is a revolutionary piece of design, developed with the expertise of Peugeot Sport and the Group’s research and development teams. This monolithic carbon central structure comprises only 12 pieces. The ever-so resourceful HYbrid4 technology recovers the kinetic energy that is normally lost during braking. This energy, stored in lithium-ion batteries, is automatically restored during acceleration and boosts power by 80 hp. With less than 2 kg per horsepower, the Onyx attains optimal performances without impacting the purity and elegance of its style.





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